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Domingo, 6 de Abril de 2008

the one I love belongs to somebody else

...the one I love belongs to somebody else...  Sinatra sang it and I concur...

'tis sad but true...
Such is the fate of those that secretly yearn for an impossible love.
It is so hard to see them with their loved one, so hard to contain the envy, the rage and the pain it causes, and yet we swallow it whole just to be near them, to somehow remain in touch with them.
Oh, how cowardly we deny our feelings, in exchange for a brief smile, or a promissed intimacy as she tells us of her feelings towards someone else...
The worst is when we support her feelings towards another. We are so eager to see her happy, that we even provide counsil  to her, helping her capture someone else's attention.
Worst of all, is feeling compelled to smile, as she introduces you to her new lover as her confident and best friend, and the bastard shakes your hand and leers at you.

I managed to cut loose. I said farewell and cut all connections. I haven't seen her in ages, but I never forgot her birthday.
I sincerely hope she is happy, but I still hate the effect these memories have on me.

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